1. Use taste and flavor of ingredients

The most important thing is to use taste and flavor of ingredients itself. Japanese food is cooked carefully using taste and flavor of ingredients, although other country dishes may be so. You can cook really good Japanese dishes without using much condiments or spices. Although you might feel it’s tasteless, please don’t use too much sauce or spices. One of the fun of Japanese food is to taste ingredients itself deeply. If you use sweeter pumpkin for your cook, you do not have to put in too much sugar, even if you do not follow the recipe.


2. Cook dishes suitable for rice

Rice is the most important crop and the primary staple food in Japan. Japanese meals are usually consist of rice, several sub dishes and miso soup. So, if you cook dishes suitable for rice and eat it with rice, you can enjoy Japanese meals more.


3. Use seasonal ingredients and your regional specialty products

In Japan there are a lot of seasonal ingredients according to each seasons and each regional special product.  Old Japanese believe the idea that you can keep your health by eating seasonal food and regional product on the land you are living. Of cause not only for healthy but also the seasonal ingredients are the most delicious.